Tom Foster

Founder, Foster Web Marketing
Tom Foster, VendastaCon Speaker

Tom Foster entered the world of technology initially to focus on sales and marketing in 1991 after serving a six-year tour in the Marines. The USMC is where he learned his technology skills while being stationed in top secret military communications centers around the world. After dedicated service to his country, Tom started work on distributing software solutions to retail chains such as Best Buy and CompUSA, where he was able to polish his business and sales skills with executives in the corporate world.

After many successful years in the software technology business, Tom recognized the future of the Internet and decided to go out and start his own marketing company, Foster Web Marketing.

Tom is a nationally recognized author and Internet marketing expert focusing on the legal and medical industries. He is the author of The 5 Biggest Mistakes 99% of Lawyers Make With Their Websites along with several other books. Tom has been featured on numerous television stations, including affiliates of CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. As a speaker, Tom has provided a wealth of information and knowledge on web marketing for the legal and medical industries.

Tom lives in Virginia with his wife, Charlotte, and five children, Torie, Sam, Thomas, Maddie, and Luke. When he is not busy at work—helping his clients dominate their competitors online—you can often find him hanging out with his family, biking or playing guitar.


What Happens When you Focus on Generating Reviews the Right Way?

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