Tim Johnson

EVP Strategic Development, Vendasta

Tim has 20+ years of experience developing and positioning targeted products and services. He also survived the dot.com implosion, and that combination has heavily influenced and molded his skillset. He has a unique understanding of how to integrate conventional marketing into the digital space with high conversion rates.

Tim has formerly served as President of Brand Development at FranConnect, VP of Marketing for a California based Coaching franchise, and he also founded and ran Process Peak. His time as VP of Marketing led to the realization that the industry was ripe for a fresh approach and a new technology. Thus, Process Peak was born. His team at PP focused on achieving client success through service and software solutions at the brand and local level.

Tim is applying his treasure trove of knowledge and experience to continue the impressive growth at Vendasta, focussing on paid advertising.


Crushing Paid: Combining Google, Social and Programmatic

When: Day 2 | Thu Jan 26th, 2017 | 9:15 am – 10:15 am

Vendasta, Google, Simpli.fi and GotU are teaming up at VendastaCon to take you on a deep dive of paid advertising. Read more…