Brendan King

CEO, Vendasta

Intense, boisterous, imaginative. Brendan King, co-founder and CEO of Vendasta Technologies, is the innovative force of the company.

Always in discussion with the partners who provide Vendasta’s solution to over a quarter million local businesses, Brendan is constantly coming up with new ways to help enhance brand awareness, increase revenue and drive down cost of acquisition for agencies and media companies around the globe. It is his ability to look at the big picture while maintaining quality on the finest details that ensures Vendasta’s success.

Building a sales and marketing automation platform to help agencies prosper in a rapidly changing digital landscape is not only what Vendasta does, it is what Brendan is resoundingly passionate about.


Welcome to VendastaCon

When: January 25th, Time TBA

Brendan King will get your ready for an exciting two-days of data-backed strategies for being the best at local. Get ready to conquer local with VendastaCon.