Amedeo Guffanti

CEO & Founder, GotU

How do you influence real-world offline behavior through online interactions? If there was an expert in the field, Amedeo is the man.

Coordinating the business of an award-winning ad tech company growing at a fast pace requires constant focus on innovation and ongoing development of solutions. Generating value within the digital communications for clients across various verticals is what Amedeo Guffanti is resoundingly passionate about.

Amedeo is the CEO and Founder at GotU.io, where he grows and manages operations in four countries, running more than 50K ad campaigns in over 16 countries. GotU is a marketing technology company developing hyperlocal advertising and marketing solutions for retailers and local businesses everywhere. Amedeo and the team at GotU focuses on local social media and mobile campaigns that are optimized to generate real offline results.


Crushing Paid: Combining Google, Social and Programmatic

When: Day 2 | Thu Jan 26th, 2017 | 9:15 am – 10:15 am

Vendasta, Google, Simpli.fi and GotU are teaming up at VendastaCon to take you on a deep dive of paid advertising. Read more.